2010:Build & Competition Surveys

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2010 Build and Competition Lessons Learned Surveys

Listed below are the links for the 2010 Lessons Learned Surveys. All students need to complete the students survey. If you were a part of the primary and secondary drive team and pit crew please also complete the pit and drive survey. Mentors there is also a survey that we would like you to complete as well. For all of the surveys answer the questions to the best of your ability and remember this is helping improve next years build and competitions seasons. These surveys are annonymous. Take as much time as you need however you do need to finish by the end of the meeting. Please make sure that you read and follow all of the directions.

Please note that using an online service for these surveys is a new thing for everyone. Please bear with us if something does not go as planned or does not work out how it is supposed to.

Student Lessons Learned Survey

Pit Crew and Drive Team Lessons Learned Survey

Mentor Lessons Lurned Survey

(Note - the passcodes are listed on a sheet taped to the front of your computer)

Surveys are from http://www.esurveyspro.com