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Master Task List

  • Consolidate the IO Maps! There are two IO maps now -- one on this page (below), and one blank template one linked off main page at 2010:IO Map! Move the info here to there, or remove the other page and link mainpage here! Also, add CAN device id assignments with pwm assignments as backups.
  • Build 2 display boards for the field  (No longer being done)
  • We should hook up a 10k linear trim potentiometer to one of the motor controllers and also hook up one of the smaller motors (like an older window motor) to allow programming work with the position control capabilities that the CAN interface allows them.  See Jaguar Getting Started Guide page 22 for wiring guide.  Note that it expects a 0-3V input!!! 
  • Save the Earth - it's the only planet with chocolate (as far as we know)


Bill of Materials 2010

As these tasks are completed, mark them done and cross them out.  Don't delete them!

1. Rough in Power Wires. We know the position of the board on the robot from our CAD drawings. We know where the motors are going to be from our CAD drawings. Come up with a good measurement in CAD, select the appropriate gauge of wire and terminate the end which goes to the speed controller (ring terminal) or spike relay (female fast-on). To organize it better maybe have someone come up with a "cut list" (how long of what gauge wire) and once that cut list is done break it up for a bunch of people to do this. Please check all of your connections carefully.

          a.)  Drive Motors

          b.)  Kicker Motors

          c.)  Lifter Mech. Motors

                   i.)  Winch

                   ii.) Servo

                   iii.) Tilt

          d.)  Thrasher Motor

          e.)  Electromagnets

2. Rough in sensor Wires. Same idea as above. Most of the sensors will use the PWM wire we have. Be careful because some of these sensors will go directly to the cRIO (analog inputs) versus others which go to the actual electrical board. Again, only terminate one side of these cables.

         a.)  Drive Motor Encoders

         b.)  Magnetic Sensor for Kicker

         c.)  Gyro

         d.)  Lifter Limit Switch

         e.)  Banner Sensor

         f.)   Winch Pot

3. Gather pre-made PWM cables. There has been some talk of using the PWM interface for the speed controllers. We should find all the pre-made PWM cables we have and USE them. Remember in our drive train with the PWM interface we use the yellow/red/black-y-cables.

4. Find a leaf switch for Tom K. to model into the lifter design.

5. Sort of optional… We should be thinking of spares and the ability to have stuff ready to swap in and out… Fast-on connectors for any pots we're using would be a plus (pots like to break on our robots). Also switches… the leaf switch has some good give, however we should also have a few others ready to swap in (I assume that you'll just use female fast-ons to connect the switches). I'd like to see the pushbuttons on fast-on connectors as well because I'm not sure how much of a beat it will take with that arm pulling in the jam on it. Once you have extras made up, find a nice small box to put them in.

6. We're using window motors again… These are the ones that have the absolutely annoying connector that we can't find. Perhaps carefully cut away some of the plastic with a dremel and solder 6" pigtails onto the motor. If you key the pigtails (one with male fast-on one with female) make sure you do this exactly the same with the other motor.

7. Work with programming to give node-ids to the new Jaguar speed controllers (you'll noticed they're currently labeled 4-7, keep those as they are) and remember to label the Jags with a sharpie.

8. Paint the battery box? Red? Black? Camo? (nice job on it Matt!)

9. If painted and ready mount battery box (need to wait for mech to install cross member).

10.  The fisher-price motor for the front thrasher is presently wired to a 20A/30A slot - it needs to be changed to a 40A slot on the power distribution board.

11.  Update BOM.<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);" />

12.  Remove all components from electrical board

13.  Swiss Cheese electrical board with 1" holes (make sure you don't get too close to the perimeter of the board

14.  Weigh Nylon HW against velcro to attach specific components.  Determine which is lighter and use that to reattach components.

Electrical Components the Robot Design is Using

Motors Used So Far

  • Main Drivetrain:  4 CIM - 4 Jaguars
  • Kicker:  2 Nippon - 2 Spike Relays (or 2 Victor speed controllers if necessary) 
  • Electromagnet: 2 Spike Relays
  • Front Thrasher: 1 Fisher-Price - 1 Jaguar
  • Hanging Winch: 1 CIM - 1 Jaguar
  • Hanging Mechanism Tilt: 1 Nippon-Denso - 1 Jaguar 

Sensors Used So Far

  • Front Ball Position:  Banner photoelectric
  • Kicker Windup Mechanism rotation:  magnetic rotation
  • Kicker electromagnet contact:  pushbutton switch
  • Kicker electrical endstops (max forward, max reverse):  2 mechanical limit microwitches
  • Rotary Encoders on main drivetrain motors:  (4) Banebots
  • Lifting mechanism endstop (max retract) (max extend not needed per T. Kanzler): microswitch
  • Lifting winch:  Bourns 10-turn potentiometer (analog) 

Pneumatics Used So Far

  • none

Servos Used So Far

  • Tilt for camera
  • Lifting mechanism arm lock

Relay Outputs Used So Far

  • 2 Kicker release (electromagnet) 
  • 2 Kicker motors (unless switch to Victor speed controllers)

Total Jaguars - 7 (maybe 9) 

Total Spike Relays - 4  (maybe 2)

IO Map 2010 Thunderfoot

Pin Type / Function  Pin Number

Connected Device

PWM Outputs



Jaguar CAN#4 - LF (left front)


Jaguar CAN#5 - LR (left rear)


Jaguar CAN#6 - RF (right front)


Jaguar CAN#7 - RR (right rear)

Lifting Winch

Jaguar CAN#8

Lifting Arm Tilt

Jaguar CAN#2

Front Thrasher

Jaguar CAN#3


Lifting arm lock

servo (needs PWM power jumper)

Camera Tilt


Camera servo (needs PWM power jumper)
Relay Outputs

Kicker windup

    01 LH motor

Kicker windup

RH motor


Kicker release


Kicker release

    05 Electromagnet




Analog Inputs

01 Gyro

Kicker shaft angle

02 Magnetic rotary encoder (Austria Microsystems)

Lifting winch


Bourns 10-turn potentiometer (0-5V full scale,

but we use less than full 10 turn range)






08 Battery Voltage Input (Don't use)
Digital Outputs (GPIO)

drive motor rotation 01 Banebots rotary encoder - LF - channel A
drive motor rotation 02

Banebots rotary encoder - LR - channel A

drive motor rotation 03 Banebots rotary encoder - RF - channel A
drive motor rotation 04 Banebots rotary encoder - RR - channel A
front ball position 05 Banner photoelectric interrupter sensor
kicker electromagnet contact 06 photoreflective switch
kicker max forward position 07 limit switch
kicker max pullback position 08 limit switch
lifting arm fully retracted 09 switch






Electrical Main Subteam's Engineering Notebook

Week 1

2010:Electrical Main 01.12
2010:Electrical Main 01.13
2010:Electrical Main 01.14
2010:Electrical Main 01.16
2010:Electrical Main 01.17

Week 2

2010:Electrical Main 01.19
2010:Electrical Main 01.20
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2010:Electrical Main 01.23
2010:Electrical Main 01.24

Week 3

2010:Electrical Main 01.27
2010:Electrical Main 01.28
2010:Electrical Main 01.30
2010:Electrical Main 01.31

Week 4

2010:Electrical Main 02.03
2010:Electrical Main 02.04
2010:Electrical Main 02.06
2010:Electrical Main 02.07

Week 5

2010:Electrical Main 02.09
2010:Electrical Main 02.10
2010:Electrical Main 02.11
2010:Electrical Main 02.12
2010:Electrical Main 02.13
2010:Electrical Main 02.14

Electrical Main 02.14

Week 6

2010:Electrical Main 02.15
2010:Electrical Main 02.16
2010:Electrical Main 02.17
2010:Electrical Main 02.18
2010:Electrical Main 02.19
2010:Electrical Main 02.20

Engineering Notebook Templates Available at: Engineering_Notebook_Template

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Component/Component Specifications

Jaguar Speed Controllers

Victor 884 Speed Controllers

2009 KOP Motors Spreadsheet (Chief Delphi)

Motor Characteristics



Micro Switches

Electrical Inventory

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