2013:Robot Design Details

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Current Design

  • Pictures of robot:

IMG 0199-XL.jpg



  • Able to Climb to level 1 (designed for climb to level 3)
  • Able to shoot from corners of the pyramid closest to the center line.
  • Pushing power is considerably below average.


  • Receiver is made up of
    • Four hands that spin clockwise
    • Places one of the discs into a slot
    • Leads us to the shooter mechanism.
  • Uses a snow blower motor


  • Uses a Mini-CIM motor
  • Uses a traction wheel
  • Radial shooter (arc)
  • Uses a servo with a sheet metal disc deployment arm to push discs into the shooter wheel


  • Climbs from the corner of the pyramid.
  • Currently able to climb to level 1.
  • Needs to be positioned correctly in order to climb correctly.


  • 4 Omni-wheels
  • 2 Traction wheels
  • Able to turn on a dime.
  • V-shaped
  • Wide


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