2014:Robot Design Details

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CAD Drawing:



  • Ability to drive around field well
  • Ability to pick up the ball quickly
  • Ability to pass ball out of robot quickly
  • Ability to shoot the ball with variable power levels
  • Ability to catch the ball
  • Ability to track hot goal in autonomous mode


  • 6 Wheel Standard Drive (2 Centered Tractions, 4 Omnis on the Corners)
  • 4 CIMs on CIMple Boxes (May change to 6 CIMS :D )
  • Painted Colonial Red, first drive train of ours ever to be painted red


  • "Over the bumper" type intake, developed and popularized by Team JVN in BuildBlitz
  • 2 Banebots wheels grip the surface of the ball
  • Rolls ball all the way into the shooter mechanism's cradle


  • Cradle receives ball from the intake mechanism
  • Cradle lifts the ball into a higher position
  • Motorized kicker hits the ball, launching it over the truss or into the high goal
  • Cradle has a linkage connected to the intake, eliminating need for another motorized and programmed system
  • uses 6 motors to spin a kicker that hits the ball at a variable speed
  • linkage to intake, 1 motor that lifts up cradle linked to intake


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