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Google Docs

2015 Google Docs Folder

  • Contains transient spreadsheets for design, planning, etc.
  • Holds small installers for utilities like Git, Doxygen, and Wireshark
    • (They are zipped so you don't need a proxy to download them on certain wireless networks)

Things a bored and aspiring student should read

Introduction to Git

C++FAQ on Stackoverflow

  • A list of questions, some of which explain things you'll want to know (pointers, const, and memory), others which you don't (prvalues, lambda, SFINAE)

Reading all of http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/index.html takes a while as well, but helps

  • Caveat: Just because fancy techniques exist doesn't mean you should use them

Programming Sub-pages and Links

Programming Archives