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Render 1/27/2015. The real thing will have different colors.

2015 Robot Render

Integration Task List[1]

Robot Specifications


  • The robot should be able to pick up and place containers top of 5 high stacks
  • The robot must be able to do coopertition stacks
  • The robot should be able to easily grab 2 high stacks from the human player
  • The robot should be able to raise the RC to allow the HP to put litter in it
  • All designs need to be robust so that time spent fixing the robot is to a minimum especially due to the fact that there will be no bumpers.
  • All parts should be easily serviced if needed.
  • The robot must be able to detach the lifter and grabber mechanism from the robot.
  • Media:Weight_table_2_pdf.pdf


  • Must be able to grab and secure totes and RCs in .5 sec
  • Must be able to grab totes and RCs in both orientations
  • Must be able to hold 5 totes with and RC
  • Must release game pieces at the end of the match.
  • Must be able to place on top of 4 totes
  • Cannot be dependent on the lips of the totes or containers
  • Should be able to help break apart the landfill


  • Must be able to Lift 6 totes high
  • Lift RC on top of a 5 tote stack in 5 sec
  • Must support the stack with an actuated "stabilizer" and be able to drive over bumps without dropping totes or RCs
  • Must have no/reduced back-drive
  • Must be able to release stacks in 1.5 sec
  • Must be able to be removed from the robot quickly.

RC Puller:

  • Must be able to pull RCs from the Step over the landfill totes.
  • Must be retractable so that it can be retracted back into the robot after the RCs are pulled
  • Must be able to pull an RC completely to our side of the field in 7 seconds or less.
  • Should have an auto program that takes advantage of the RC puller.


  • Must be able to easily transverse the scoring platform and strafe sideways and diagonally.
  • Max Drivetrain speed should be 12.04ft/s.
  • Drivetrain must have slow mode (shifters) for fine control on bridges and barriers.
  • Should weigh 38lbs or less
  • Picture of drive-train


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