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Scouting System Notes

Scouting Data Output - to Database, to be imported into Tableau

ID - Access ID type (sequential numbers)
Team # - Number
Match # - Number

Alliance Station - Short Text ("RED_1", "BLUE_2", etc)

// Auto Responses
Starting Position - Number (1 to 100 or whatever scale you prefer)
Auto Cross - Yes/No
Auto Cube Pickup - Yes/No
Score in Switch - Short Text ("Scored Alliance", "Scored Opponent", Attempted Alliance", Attempted Opponent", "None")
Score in Scale - Short Text (same as Switch)
Score in Exchange - Short Text ("None", "Attempted", "Scored")

//Tele-Op Responses
T Exchange - number
T Switch Near - number
T Switch Far - number

T Scale - number
Cubes Dropped - number
Defense - Yes/No
Dead - Yes/No
Fouls - Number

//End Game Responses
Climbing - String ("Not on Platform", "On Platform", "Used Rung", "Other Robot", "Supported 1", "Supported 2", "Drove Onto Another Robot")
Climbing Successful - Yes/No
Comments - ?Long? Text (multiline/free entry)

Jan 7 2018

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