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Overall design decisions, notes, specifications, and integration items here! Integration Task List (NEEDS LINK HERE)


Overall Robot Dimensional Restraints

Last updated: 1/9/2019

  Length Width Perimeter
Robot Boundary 34.25" 25"


Drive Base Materials

Function Material
Perimeter Rail (Long Side) 1"x3"x1/8" 6061 Aluminum Angle Stock
Inner Rail (Long Side) 1"x3"x1/8" 6061 Aluminum Channel Stock
Perimeter Rail (Short Side) TBD





Mechanism Action Minimum Breaker Size Motor Model # Quantity Notes
Cargo picks up and deploys the cargo    775 Pro 2 Starting with gear ratio 9:1
Elevator moves the cube and hatch mechanisms up and down   775 Pro 2

gear ratio 16:1

Habitat rotates wheels at rear two pistons   775 Pro 2 gear ratio 49:1
Drive Base Moves the robot  40A CIM 4

Gear ratio 14:68 

option to add two additional motors

option to swap out CIMs to Neos



Mechanism Action - Say what extend and retract do! Number of Cylinders Cylinder

Extend Powered?


Extend Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Retract Powered?


Retract Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Working Pressure Estimated Firings per Match Cycles
(Sum of all powered directions!)
Hatch Extend = raises the hook
Retract = lowers the hook


3/4" Bore, 1" Stroke

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

50 PSI


Trunnion Front Mount


Extend=Positions Wheels for Pickup

Retract= Moves Wheels Away for Hatch



 1 1/16" Bore, 7" Stroke

Yes Yes Yes


50 PSI 6

Magnetic Positioning

Rear Pivot Mount

Worst Case Game

Cylinders share a solenoid


Extend = Places elevator in starting config.

Retract = Places elevator in match position



 1.5" bore  8" stroke

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI 2

Rear Pivot Mount

Cycles assume we do not do defense

Elevator Brake

Extend = Engage brake

Retract = Disengage brake


1 1/4" Bore, 1/4" Stroke 

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI


Flexible Mount Air Cylinder

Habitat Lift - Robot Front


Extend = lifts the robot

Retract = Moves Rods Out of the Way to Allow Robot on Platform


1 1/2" bore, 22" stroke

 Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI


Magnetic Positioning

Both of these front cylinders share a solenoid

Habitat Lift - Robot Rear

Extend = lifts the robot

Retract = Brings Rods Up Enough To Not Be Supported On Level 1


1 1/2" bore, 22" stroke

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI 2


Magnetic Positioning

Both of these rear cylinders share a solenoid

Pneumatics Analysis Spreadsheet:




Sensor Chart 

Mechanism Sensor Type Function Attachment Point Notes

 limit switch

Honeywell SZL-VL-S-B-N-M

to confirm that we have the hatch against the backplate

Side-mount to vertical square tube "back stop" for hatch holder.  Switch arm extends out ~ 1.5" into where disc would be held.  Should be positioned just high enough to miss center hole on all possible disc approach heights for loading station.



Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000


for driver vision in sandstorm as well as vision lining up with the hatchs/ports mounted on the back outer frame cross piece on the elevator behind the chain and paracord. also is on a servo which will control the angle   
Cargo Talon Speed Controller - NOT ACTUALLY A SENSOR JUST HERE FOR REFERENCE knowing that we have acquired the ball - checks when current draw from the motors is unusually high for a certain period of time. Literally just the speed controllers  

Magnetic Reed Switch

Bimba MRS-.087-PBL-09

Sense that Cargo mechanism's cylinders are extended fully and out of way of using hatch mechanism.

One on each cylinder

Body band mounted on extended end of cylinder body  


VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder 217-5046

a way to do vertical positioning In the gear box on the motor  

Upper Limit - EE-SPY415

senses when the face of the inner frame when it reaches the top Mounted on the upper cross bar of the outer frame  
Elevator Lower Limit - Optek OPB815WZ senses when the flag on the inner frame passes into the U Sensor on outer frame and flag located on inner frame  

Magnetic Reed Switches Bimba MRS-.087-PBL-??

Sense cylinder position for front lifter pair.

One sensor each on extend and retracted ends of a front lift cylinder

Band body mounted on one front cylinder. One at extend end and one at retract end.  

Magnetic Reed Switches Bimba MRS-.087-PBL-??

Sense cylinder position for rear lifer pair.

One sensor each on extend end of a back lift cylinder

Band body mounted on one front cylinder at extended end.  

OPB720A-06Z Optek   x2

 forwards more, needed for both the front and the back pistons working on mount  


63R256 Grayhill encoder

Travel of robot drive base. One phase On idler shaft  
Pneumatics Analog Pressure Sensor - REV-11-1107 To evaluate if we have enough air left at the end of the match to actually complete our end game action  In the pnuematics stuff, on the high side of the regulator  


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