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Overall design decisions, notes, specifications, and integration items here! Integration Task List (NEEDS LINK HERE)

Overall Robot Dimensional Restraints

  • Robot Perimeter = 28" x 31 3/4" (119.5 total length)
  • Top of Drive Base: 4.6" (1.6" clearance)
  • Top of bumpers = 6.5" (1.5" clearance) - note 6.375 (1.0375) is better for intake if it does not cause problems clearing rendezvous (1.0625" high steel tube).
  • Extension of Intake = Approximately 10"
  • Clearance at front of robot for intake = 3"
  • Hang mechanism in starting position is below shooter wheel
  • Please allow minimum .5" to edge of frame perimeter unless design actualy requires less to work/fit.


Weight of the Robot as of 1/29/2020

Overall robot (including battery, but not electrical)-105.354

Drivebase and Battery-37.134

Telescoping Arm-9.798





WoF and Superstructure-5.515





Motors (Preliminary pass for quantity check 1/8/2020)

Mechanism Action Minimum Breaker Size Motor Model # Quantity Notes
Drive Base moves the robot on the field   Neo Brushless 4 11:80 gear ratio
Hang runs the winch to pull the robot up   Neo Brushless 1

(2) 5:1 Versaplanetary + 2:1 Chain (#35)

(2) 4:1 (16:1) Versaplanetary

1 Winch, 2 arms

now 16:1 

Intake Pivots intake in and out of the robot   Neo Brushless 550 1

(2) 10:1 VersaPlanetary + 2:1 belt

pullys 18T: 36T

Intake Spins the "beater bar(s)"   NEO Brushless 550 1 7:1 Versaplanetary
Storage Agitates the balls and moves them up to the shooter   NEO Brushless 550 1

(2) 4:1 Versaplanetary

5:1 + 7:1 (35:1) Versaplanetary

5:1 + 5:1 (25:1) Veraplanetary

Storage transition wheel Feeds balls into shooter   NEO Brushless 550 1 7:1 Versaplanetary
Shooter Spins the primer wheel   NEO Brushless 550 1

(2) 5:1 Versaplanetary

3:1 + 4:1 (12:1) Versaplanetary

Shooter Spins the shooting wheel axle   Neo Brushless 2

2:1 Pulley

Shooter  Future Turret   Neo Brushless 550 1 (2) 7:1 Versaplanetary, 18:178 belt
Wheel of Fortune Spins the wheel to turn the colored wheel   NEO Brushless 550 1 (2) 4:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox

Pneumatics (NOT USED)

Mechanism Action - Say what extend and retract do! Number of Cylinders Cylinder

Extend Powered?


Extend Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Retract Powered?


Retract Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Working Pressure Estimated Firings per Match Cycles
(Sum of all powered directions!)
Powerful Puncher! Extend = extends puncher to punch the wall
Retract = pull puncher back in


3" Bore, 8" Stroke

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

95 PSI




Sensor Chart 



  Sensor Type   Function   Attachment Point   Notes


Banner Beam Break Senses incoming power cells Intake of helix/storage

Keeps intake and helix running until 5 cells counted.

Does this start up the helix agitator when first ball is sensed? Helix can not turn on whenever intake is on or we will force balls into the shooter.

Does this turn off the helix agitator? Yes 

Turns off/lifts/reverses intake and turns off helix agitator when 5 Power Cells are counted or beam stays broken for a fixed period of time  Location critical if it is sensing gaps between balls.

Storage Banner Beam Break Sense balls when ready to shoot Top of Helix/ Intake of shooter

Senses balls before they hit the shooter intake roller to prevent multiple balls from entering the shooter at once.

Count outgoing balls?


Banner Beam Break Senses presence of ready-to-shoot power cells Inside shooter

Sense when a ball that is inside the shooter so we can stop the intake of the shooter to let the shooter flywheel get back to speed after shooting ball.


 Integrated NEO Encoder Shooter wheel speed    


Integrated NEO Encoder

Tells arms how high to raise, how far to retract, deploys hooks  

Need to figure out how to zero it

22 degrees rotation to be able to release pawl

Wheel of Fortune

Color Sensor Reads color on wheel  Bracket attatched on spinner gear box Stops motor when correct color is read. Counts segments for rotation control.

Drive Base

Encoder Measures center of drive base hex axle on the center wheel  

Intake (Rotation)

Integrated NEO Encoder

Limits how far intake comes into the robot frame   Will need hard stop back up
Intake (Rotation) Omron EE-SPY415 Sensor Zeros the encoder On the left intake mounting bracket. Sensor bracket pending approval. Tested on test board, works at identifying smoked lexan. The range is low enough so that it won't sense the helix which is ~8in ahead of it.
Shooter Limelight 2 Aim assist Behind hood on shooter Needs ethernet connection to robot as well as power (either 12v PoE or 5A PDP connection)
General purpose Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 Driver aid On top of helix on shooter base plate Needs USB connection. Can be connected to Limelight or rio
Drive Train Gyroscope Autonomous turning Near center of rotation  
Shooter Flashlight Aim assist Next to limelight  


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