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Daily Status

1/11/2024 Worked On:

Test Board

  • Set up CAN Motor usage (encoder, motor, power distribution board)
  • Began coding for motor usage
  • Tested a motor using basic code


Worked on:


  • Programmed drive
  • Implemented Drive to test board
  • Hooked up test board to KitBot
  • Tank Drive Works :) (sort of)
  • Programmed shooter/intake
  • Implemented shooter to test board
  • Shooter/intake works :) (intake is very strong)
  • Programmed better shooter (goes farther/higher)

Test Board

  • Hooked up to KitBot
  • We are probably done with KitBot, practice shooting was successful, including the pre-heat function. The team learned a lot and we had many successes.
  • Notes: Don't forget to deploy robot code, Check can ids, and don't mess up the wiring stuff (labeling stuff is good).

1/20/2024 *** RIP Kitbot *** Worked on:

  • Shooter Works!
  • Sensor is mounted at the start of intake and detects note
If the Intake Button is Pressed Has Note Does Not Have Note
Shooter Button Pressed Can Run Intake at 100% Can Run Intake at 60%
Shooter Button Not Pressed CAN'T Run Intake Can Run Intake at 60%
  • Shooter runs at 50%
  • Outtake runs at 80%

1/25/2024 Worked on:

  • Scouting App all the notes!

1/27/2024 Worked on: Test Board

  • Adjustment of our game piece shooter code to accommodate different speeds (will adjust to actual RPMs later) for different motors to introduce spin
  • Learning and hands-on experience with the REV through-bore encoder and verification of output
  • More Scouting App adjustments to master copy and validating of writing data to database 

1/27/2024 Worked on:Drive Base, Controls, and Auto

  • Drive Field Centric and Robot Centric works on carpet
  • Worked on getting non-tragectory Autos to work
  • Put all of BlinkyBlinky in code base and chose some colors
  • Added switches that we are planning to use
  • Planed and began adding Aux Controls

Img1706499696849.jpeg 2/25/2024 Auto Worked with Peter to get thunder auto working Auto is tested, and can be completed

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