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Drive team selection process

  • Students wanted early drive team selection (Before week five) 
  • Blind driver tests were performed. Used to help determine base driver capabilities
  • Drivers were chosen Thursday of week one
  • Primary Drive Team: Chris base driver, Elliot Aux driver: Nick Coach: 
  • Secondary Drive Team: Gabe base driver: Brett Aux driver: Austin Meyer Coach
  • Human players to be decided through tryout process and initiatives taken during build season
  • One reason drivers were selected early is to ask drivers questions, and so that all robot functions will be used during match play

Build season

  • Pit crew and drive team must have 100% score on both Game and Tool tests

Goals for autonomous

  • Coaches will create a play book of auto modes
  • Two ball autonomous mode with NO light detection
  • One ball autonomous mode WITH light detection for hot goal sensing
  • Perferably, we'll be able to shoot from the white zone
  • Auto time will be mapped out to ensure two ball auto is possible
  • Hopefully have mulitiple auto starting positions

2 Ball Time Summary and Diagram.jpg

Mtg. with Mr. Cavaliere

We disscussed that we need a sensor to detect when the ball is just barely in our possesion so we can start driving a way. The sensor need to be placed in a position to sence when the ball is squished in between the bumper and the wheels of the intake system. There will also be lights that light up green when this sensor is tripped. These lights will tell the drivers when the ball is in thir possesion and they can start to drive away. This information is as of 1/30/14. On 2/1/14 we will be testing and determining where this sensor should be placed. 


  • Paper Scouting System
  • Boxes and image processing with Mr. Byers' Scanner

Scouting System