2009:Electrical Meeting 12.13

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Attendance: Tom, Tommy, Kevin, Vaughn, Mike, Crystal, Karen F., Dave S.

(ummm, actually this meeting was 12-3 not 12-13)

Progress (ROFLbot)

  • Removed Autonomous Pieces
  • Removed "unessential" wires
  • Located issue with drive train (it's programming)
  • Fixed the shooter
  • Many loose pieces, safety cover fell off and motor is loose amongst other things, let's have mechanical fix them!

Progress (Mach 1511)

  • After swapping PWM cables, joysticks, and motor wires between good side and bad side, it looks like both speed controllers on the malfunctioning side are bad - only go forward, don't go backwards.
  • Last year the spare speed controllers (old style) were in a flat white box, I think.  But I don't know where that box is now ???

Progress (ThunderPlucker)

  • Mike & Crystal finished the lexan coer on T-Pluckers Controls! :)


  • Fix up ThunderPlucker/Mach 1511!