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We created a very rough prototype for the hang mechanism, which was a model box to represent the robot. Cinderblocks were added to show the weight the robot will eventually be. This model was used to perform various tests.


Attendance: Jacob, Nicole, Marisa, Trevor (Ishan), Audrey

We created our hang prototype. Our prototype consists of 2 different types of arms that are either vertical or angled in order to grab the high and traversal bar. One set of arms is stationary with hooks that latch over the bar. The second set extends and pivots in order to grab the next highest bar. We prototyped both bars at half scale and will test the swinging motion Saturday.


We had a big discussion with the rest of the team and described how we are going to work hang. It will have a set of 2 bars that will only move forward to offset the weight of the robot to keep it from swinging and have two arms that will reach out and grab the bar to retract by means of a spring. Both arms will pivot on the same point and will be connected by spring to bring them back to each other.