2022:T-Shirt Shooter

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Prototype Testing! 7/18/2022

After last week's testing with the 2 inch diameter PVC tube, we got a 3 inch diameter tube and corresponding adapter and tested it. We found that we could get similar distance (with our limited area to shoot from) with both size tubes. We then did more testing to find out which one was safer on "the general public". We shot the 3 inch one at our "Test Trooper" and he said the pain was a 5/10. We ran more tests with the 2 inch tube and the pain was rated about a 3/10. We opted for the 2 inch tube because it would hurt less and folding the shirt is easier. Some other things we noticed were:

  • At 80 PSI, we were able to go from the inside of the shop (~7 feet from the garage door) to the wall of the loading dock. (NEED EXACT MEASUREMENT)
  • We found that pressurizing our shots for about 7 seconds gave the best results.
  • Our angle for shooting was about 35 degrees
  • We did our testing during the rain and found that a drier shirt flies farther.