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This has been created to provide information on how to successfully organize a Community Service Event. Team 1511 has made the commitment to complete 1,511 thunderbolts before our tenth year. A thunderbolt is when we take the action to help out another FIRST team or in this case the community through service.

Getting Started

Before the team can commit to a community service event and have it placed on the team schedule, it needs to be approved by the leadership team.

Community Service Event Process

This is a overview of the process to organize a community service.

  • Student identifies a community service opportunity.
  • Student fills out community service approval form and submits it to the leadership team.
  • The leadership team will review the request to determine if it is possible to commit the team to the event.
  • If the event is approved by leadership then the event organizer must to make all arrangements needed to conduct the event.
  • The event organizer contacts the leadership event coordinator on the leadership team to get the event added to the team calendar.
  • Student organizer works with the leadership event coordinator to get sign up sheets generated for the next team meeting.

Community Service Form

Use this form to request authorization for a community service event from the leadership team: Community Service Approval Form

Once the form has been completed email it to the leadership team at: