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This has been created to provide information on how to successfully organize a demonstration.

Getting Started

Before the team can commit to a demonstration and have it placed on the team schedule, it needs to be approved by the leadership team.

Use this form to request authorization for a demonstration.

Demonstration Approval Form

Once the form has been completed email it to the leadership team at:

It is very important to not commit the team to a demo until after the leadership team has approved the event!

Demonstration Checklist

The demonstration checklist is to help the organizer make sure that all the details of the demo have been taken care of so that the demonstration is successful.
Demonstration Checklist

Demo Sign-in/Out Sheet

Demonstration Process

This is a overview of the flow of the demonstration process.

  • Demo organizer identifies a demo opportunity.
  • Demo organizer fills out demonstration approval form and submits it to the leadership team.
  • The leadership team will review the request to determine if it is possible to commit the team to the event.
  • If the event is approved the demo organizer must work with the organization or group that the demo is for to work out all details for the event and confirm the team attendance. (only confirm attendance AFTER approval!)
  • Demo organizer contacts the events coordinator on the leadership team to get the event added to the team calendar.
  • Demo organizer works with the event coordinator to get sign up sheets generated for the next team meeting.
  • Demo organizer is responsible to make sure all the resources needed for the demo are procured.  (ie. students, adults, robot, batteries, FLL robots, tools, trailer, etc)

Robot Transportation

The organizer of the demonstration is responsible for the transportation of the robot to the demonstration. This means that the organizer needs to provide transport of the robot or find someone that can transport the robot via trailer or other means.
There are a few ways that the robot can be shipped to events. One method is to load the robot and all needed materials into a Minivan or SUV. Another possible method is to ship the robot in the team trailer. Trailer Information