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Shopping List 2020 Updated (for Wegmans)

Email everyone to ask for waffle irons, griddles, and large mixing bowls. Make sure to email Bacon Rob Heslin!

Supplies to bring: measuring cups (liquid and dry, tablespoon), can opener, wisk, tongs (in closet), spatulas (in closet), 6 bowls (mixing and for egg storage), two containers for sausage and bacon, several trays for complete food, 4 griddles (2 for bacon, 1 for sausage, 1 for faux bacon), 4 waffle makers, ice cream scoops/large spoons

Set Up (start at 4:30pm):

Cover all cooking surfaces with roll out table cloth (found behind door in small closet)

Plugs in G7!!

Plug one griddle into each ceiling pull down outlet in the back of G7 (don't use the ones in the middle because they're on the same breaker as the ones in the back and you'll trip the breakers). Use plug behind the microwave for 4th griddle.

Only plug one waffle iron per outlet on each wall on side counter with windows

Open window and turn on fans to prevent fire alarm from going off

Start bacon first, make all pancake/waffle batter

Start cooking by 5pm (or you won't be done in time)

Wegmans (spend about $150 - this does not include what Larry and Leann pay for): 10 packages bacon (20 each) - get pre-cooked to save on time, 10 packages sausage (10 links) - get non-Beef ones, precooked, 3 whipped cream, 3 oj jugs, 1 milk jug, 1 chocolate milk, 2 bottles of syrup (regular size), 2 boxes of Krusteaz waffle mix, 2 boxes Krusteaz pancake mix, 1 bottle choc syrup, 1 mini choc chips bag, 9 dozen eggs, 2 cans strawberry pie filling, 1 can blueberries pie filling, 1 can cherry pie filling, 1 jar salsa (for salsa eggs), small container veggie oil, 3 small cans cooking spray, dish sponges, dish soap, paper towels, clorox wipes (to wipe down tables, etc.)

ice cream - small half gallons (4), 1 small container sherbet (don't get large containers) - popular flavors: chocolate, cookie dough, mint chip (try not to get any with nuts due to allergies)

Brownie waffle recipe: