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How To Submit Parts for Fabrication At Harris

Follow the steps below for proper modeling and submittal of parts. It is critical to understand the type of part that is being made (sheetmetal or machined) as this will dictate the model generation along with the types of files that will be required in order to physically make the part.

If you have any questions, please ask Amy Averill (aaverill ---AT--- harris --DOT-- com).

Steps For Fabrication

  1. Determine if the part will be a sheetmetal part or a solid part
    • Sheetmetal Parts: flat parts with holes that go all the way through the material, bar stock that needs to be cut to length, flat parts that get bent into a shape
    • Machined Parts: pieces with intricate surfaces made from a block of aluminum
  2. Model the part appropriately depending on if the part is Sheetmetal or Machined from a solid part in Inventor:
    • Sheetmetal Parts: You must meet very specific requirements in the design of your part! Read the instructions on the Sheetmetal at Harris page to configure your part for the required bend radius and material thickness!
    • Machined Parts:
  3. Create the necessary files for fabrication:
  4. Have all files checked by a mentor!
  5. Email the required files to aaverill ---AT--- harris --DOT-- com.
  6. Update the Google Drive Part & Assembly log to indicate that the part has been sent to Harris for fabrication.

How To 3D Print Parts

Follow the steps below for proper modeling of 3D printed parts.

If you have any questions, please ask Dave.

Steps For 3D Printing (Detailed Instructions)

  1. Open the part file you want to 3D Print
  2. Do an Export --> CAD Format
  3. Change the Save As Type to STL Files (*STL)
  4. In the file Dialog press the Options... button.
  5. Make sure the Format is set to Binary.
  6. Set the Units pull down selector to mm.
  7. Set the Resolution to High.
  8. Leave everything else as default.
  9. Press the OK button.
  10. Back in the file dialog navigate to the location you want to save the file and update the file name.  Put 3D printer files in ..\02 Build Season (ROBOT)\10 Shop Drawings\3D Printer.
  11. Press the Save button in the file dialog.
  12. Create a drawing of the part and put it in the shop binder.
  13. Uncheck the box for Export Colors


NOTE: The dimensions for a clearance hole for 1/2 inch hex axle is .60 inches from a corner of the hexagon to the opposite corner, as per photo below.