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Build Day Wiki Entry Example

This is a model of a subteam wiki entry for day recaps.

New Entries are to be added above previous entries. Build Day section is to be added Beneath all other Subteam page content.

Build day section is to be type with the style "Heading 1." Dates are to be added with the style "Heading 2." Subsections are to be added in style "Heading 3." 

All bulletpoints posted are fictional; each point is added for the purpose of showing how to create a Wiki Entry

(Example)Build Days



  • Create Model Wiki Page


  • Model Wiki Page created
  • Information of how to create a Model Wiki Page was given
^Add relevant content within this section (CAD, Drawings, Photos) 


  • Wiki pages are useful tools
  • Data should be put on the Wiki


  • Can we create a wiki page?
  • We could possibly create a robot to fill out the wiki for us.


  • The wiki may shut down as has happened before
  • The wiki may not be able to hold all of the content that is required