PreSeason Create Test Project

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  1. Start 'FRC VS Code' (shortcut is on Desktop)
  2. Open Command Palette: Ctrl+Shift+P, "W" menu in top-right corner, or select from 'View' menu
  3. Select 'WPILib: Create a new project' in the list
    1. Click button 'Select a project type'
    2. Select 'template'
    3. For 'Select a language', select 'cpp'
    4. For 'Select a project base', select 'Timed Skeleton (Advanced)'
  4. Now click 'Select a new project folder'
  5. Navigate to Desktop
  6. Click 'Select Folder' to choose the desktop as the project destination folder
  7. For "Project Name", enter preseason-yourname (replace yourname with your name)
  8. Make sure the "Create a new folder?" checkbox is checked
  9. For team number enter: 1511
  10. Make sure the "Enable Desktop Support" checkbox is NOT checked
  11. Click 'Generate Project'
  12. You will now be asked if you would like to open the folder - select 'Yes (Current Window)'
  13. At this point your project template should have been created and in the TERMINAL window it will be doing an initial compile (let it finish).
  14. Now you will add support for CAN bus based CTRE motor controllers to your project
    1. In the left side tree, right click on the file 'build.gradle'
    2. Choose Manage Vendor Libraries from the pop-up list
    3. At the top of the screen in the new menu that opens, choose "Install new libraries (offline)"
    4. Check the box next to CTRE-Phoenix then click OK
    5. You will be asked if you want to rebuild - you can choose yes
  15. Your pre-season project template is now ready to start one of the lessons.