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Mentor Photos

Marketing's Engineering Notebook

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

  • 1/20~ Tonight marketing worked on updating the team organization charts for the business plan,started brainstorming ideas for team awards, and began updating Personal Recognition Awards (PRAs). The team organization charts were updated with new mentor names and positions (while also learning to use Adobe Acrobat). A copy of the PRA info sheet is being translated into French for the Montreal Regional.

Week 4

  • 1/24~ The big projects on Saturday were the business plan and logo design. A draft of the business plan was finished and given to Larry for editing. A logo design was picked and is now being edited and finalized for the t-shirt. The press releases for Montreal and FLR have been written and were sent off to Mr. Drake, and the program for Rally is being updated.
  • 1/25~ The logo design for the t-shirt is still in progress. Meanwhile, the program for Rally is still being updated and posters/flyers were created, while a slide and blurb for the announcements was made as well. Larry finished his edits for the business plan and will be edited appropriately. The newsletter for February was also started.

Week 5

Week 6

Engineering Notebook Templates Available at:Engineering_Notebook_Template

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