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Known Devices

List of devices that have been established by the various mechanism groups


Wiring notes

Diffuse retro-reflective sensor
Allen Bradley 42EF-D2MPAK-F4

Gamepiece - Intake

Senses gamepiece
Positioned such that sensor is tripped when game piece has entered intake and sensor just clears when game piece is positioned for storage until time to shoot or eject.

Wire for Dark operating
Signal connects to roborio DIO

12V powered

Voltage divider added to cable pigtail

See circuit diagram below

Rev through-bore encoder

Gamepiece - arm

Used in absolute position mode to indicate arm pivot angle.

5V powered
Signal to roborio DIO

Leaf lever limit switch

Hang - brake

Triggers when pawl on brake is fully lifted and clear of ratchet wheel
2 total; one on each brake assembly (left and right)

roborio DIO
Wire for normally open

4x CANcoder


One per swerve module. Indicates pivot pointing of wheel

Motors and Actuators

Wiring notes

8 x NEOs


Swerve modules, one each corner of robot, each using 1 NEO for pivot and 1 NEO for propulsion

NEO 550

Gamepiece - intake

Runs intake to pull in or eject a game piece

2 x NEOs

Gamepiece - shooter

Runs shooter wheels. One NEO for top set of wheels One NEO for bottom set of wheels


Gamepiece - arm

Pivots arm

NEO 550

Gamepiece - arm

Actuates bicycle brake for arm pivot

2 x NEO
One NEO per hanging arm (one left, one right)
Causes hang hook to go up or down

2 x electric solenoid
Actuates braking pawl against ratchet wheel.
One solenoid per arm brake (one left, one right)

Energizing lifts the pawl off the ratchet wheel. Integrated spring pushes pawl into ratchet wheel

Both solenoids controlled via one SPIKE relay (one on M+ and one on M- with common ground)

Circuit diagrams

Allen Bradley Diffuse Circuit.drawio.png
Allen Bradley Diffuse Circuit

Allen Bradley 42EF-D2MPAK-F4

Daily Status

' 1/20/2024

  • Disassembled old batteries
  • Assembled our 13 new batteries (yay!)
  • Wired the prototype Game Piece mechanism for testing
  • Wired the temporary test board for the new drive base for Programming to create/test swerve drive code


  • Spike Relay Vex wired for solenoids on hang


  • Updated IO Map per the Known Devices section - we should really update the PDH connections to be logical per the physical layout (see below)
  • Terminated 2x solenoids for hang ratchet/pawl mechanism
  • Investigated Solenoid/Spike Relay module, cleaned up solenoid-side terminations
  • Started initial layout of major control system components (\\penmediafs01\robotics$\2024\02 Build Season\01 Final Robot Assembly\A002  Drive Base Assembly Electrical.iam)
BellyPanLayout Screenshot 20242701.png


  • Tested several sensors for performance using 3M reflective silver tape. Foil tape isn't as reliable and prone to damage. While testing sensors were powered with 7-12 volts.
    • OPB720A-06Z Reflective Sensor:
      • Not Tripped: Signal voltage depended on the amount of voltage inputed for power
      • Tripped: Fluctuating signal voltage
      • Results varied between trials, seems unreliable
    • EE-SPY415 Photomicrosensor (Reflective):
      • Not Tripped:  Fluctuating signal voltage
      • Tripped: 0.003V
      • Range: 0in - ~12in
      • Interesting that the voltage kept increasing while reading the signal not tripped
    • 42EF-D1MNAK-A2 Diffuse Sensor
      • Not Tripped: 0.73V
      • Tripped: 1.0V
      • Range: 0.5in - >20in
  • Looked into similar banners online
    • Q20ND Diffused Sensor 25cm range NPN $104 AndyMark