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Preseason for 1511 Starts with the school year in September and lasts through the Holiday Break at the end of December. 1511 uses this time for the following Activities:

  • Team Building: Team Meetings & Events like the Amazing Maize Maze
  • Team Meetings: Meetings to help train the team, get to know eachother, and learn technical knowledge to help in Build Season
  • Subteam Meetings: Several subteams are formed to give team members a much more detailed chance to look at their fields of interest, whether it is engineering or team promotion, strategy or team spirit, there are subteams for all of them!
  • Community Service: 1511 finds community service to be a great way for us to give back to the community, but also a great way to get the word out about the FIRST robotics program, and let people know who we are.
  • Demonstrations: We seek out and volunteer for many robot demonstrations throughout the community and beyond.  Demonstrations give us a chance to train new students, show off the robot, and get others interested in the FIRST program
  • Fundraisers: Preseason is a valuable time to kick the team into high gear for fundraising.  Every year the team needs to raise over $15,000 to cover student travel, and also raises funds to support our FLL initiatives
  • FLL Involvement: Since the FLL season in Rochester maps perfectly into our preseason, we use this as a time to support FLL teams in the area, volunteer at the Qualifier & Championship Tournaments, and help recruit new FLL & now JFLL teams.
  • Off Season Competitions: In preseason, many unofficial events with the previous years robots are hosted around the world.  We lead a committee of local teams to run the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus around Halloween each year, and always try to attend one other offseason event.



As subteams are a very important part of the 1511 Preaseason, each has their own section on our forums for discussion, and you will notice links on the lower left sidebar here to each subteam's wiki page that they can use for documentation, team meeting notes, projects, etc.  Here we have the weekly subteam calendar.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Electrical 7-8pm
Team Meeting 6-8pm Strategy 5-6pm
Leadership 5-6pm

Programming 10am-12pm
Mechanical 6-8pm

HEXBUG Fundraising!

Students and mentors are selling Hexbugs as a fundraiser! Hexbugs make a great holiday gift, and if you're interested in making a purchase send an email to

Students will be able to view and track their sales here. If you have any updates in your sales, contact Mike!

Hexbug Spreadsheet