2009:Electrical Meeting 10.28

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Attendance: Mike H, Tom P, Vaughn, Crystal V, Matthieu D, Kevin, Dave and Karen

(meeting was really 10/29, but too much trouble to change filename now.)

First debate - Rofl-bot really? Where is Rofl-bot? Sent a raiding party to find Rofl-bot. Oh yeah something about mouse balls...

Do we need tools?

Rofl bot arrives. Crystal starts pandora

Where have all of our spare parts moved to?  Dave thinks we could use a  #6 screw for the victors cuz we're missing some.

Tool box has been found. Mike is bringing in tool box. Tool box was in A10 Someone has close to 5 hours of homework.     

Crystal "hates you guys"

Oranges, Vaughn, Kevin, Tom do all the work. Mike finds stuff.

Karen, Kevin and Vaughn decide to search historical photos for info on rofl-bot [1]

look at photos 12-17 before next week

Still to do:

Need blue spade connector recepticles for banner (and other) sensors

Where does that gear tooth sensor go?

Need another set of power wires to one of the speed controllers.

Need hex nut for main power wire into power distribution module.

design a  (plastic) cover for the back of the control box- thunder plucker - so wires don't get caught when opening or closing.