2012:Robot Design Details

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Current Design

Preliminary Design

Preliminary design after Sunday January 8th Design Sessions

-Drivetrain - 6 Wheel Pnuematic

-Collectors to prototype

-Stationary Beater Bar
-Actuator Beater Bar and Wings
-Hungry Hungry Hippos
-U Shaped Brush

-Bridge Actuators to prototype

-Actuator also acts as collector
-actuator is seperate from collector

-Storage will be 3 stage

-Shooter will be a turret

-Spinning wheels to shoot
-Need backspin on ball
-Variable Speed
-Variable angle (could be speed)
-Need to shoot over 60ft.

Robot Specifications


  • Time from collection to shooting should be less than 2 seconds.
  • The direction that the balls leave the robot must be opposite from the side of the robot that collects the balls.
  • All designs need to be robust so that time spent fixing the robot is to a minimum.
  • All parts should be easily serviced if needed.


  • Must be consistent within 2 degrees of the hoop when shooting from the key.
  • Range must be from at least the barrier of the far zone to the basket.
  • Must be able to shoot over 60 inch obstacles.
  • Desired to have a design conducive to a automated aiming system.
  • Time between command to fire and ball firing must be less than 0.5 seconds.


  • Must have ability to queue balls to get them ready to fire as soon as possible.
  • Must have sensors to detect ball movement through the system.
  • Must be able to remove balls from the system when the robot is turned off.
  • Speed of transit must satisfy combined collection to shoot time of 2 seconds.


  • Must be able to be turned off and on quickly.
  • Must be able to pick up balls that are located on the wall of the court easily.
  • Must be able to pick up a ball when in contact with the collector and immediately (<0.2 seconds) pass it to the storage system.

Bridge Articulator:

  • Must be able to exert enough force to lower the bridge to the point where the drive train can easily get on the bridge.
  • Needs to be able to take the abuse of another robot or force resisting the motion of putting down the bridge.
  • Must be able to manipulate the bridge from horizontal to drive over position in less than 1 second.
  • It would also be useful to have the articulator assist in ball collection.


  • Must be able to easily transverse the barrier and bridges in less than 2 seconds.
  • Max Drivetrain speed should be between 10 to 11ft/s.
  • Drivetrain must have slow mode for fine control on bridges and barriers.
  • Sketches for frame height/wheel base can be found here and here.

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