2011:Robot Design Details

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Main Robot Design

Drivetrain Design

  • 6-wheel Drive
  • 2 motors
  • all wheels driven with chains
  • center wheels grippy tread 
  • outer wheels are omni

Main Goals:

Arm Design

  • >Arm fea stress side load.jpg

picture: FEA stress analysis of arm with 100 lb side load

Orginal concept and space allocation layout sketch.jpg

picture: orginal concept and space allocation layout sketch of robot and arm

Inventor picture.jpg

picture: robot with folding arm

Main Goals:

Gripper Design

Main Goals:

Minibot Design

Main Goals:

Minibot Deployment Design

Main Goals:

Hostbot Electrical

  • Drivetrain: (2) CIM Motors + (2) Jaguar Speed Controllers

Minibot Electrical

Autonomous Modes


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