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Drive Base 2022

Basic Measurements

Floor to top of Drive Base Channel: 3 3/4 in.

Floor to bottom of Drive Base Channel: 2 1/2 in.

Exact Drive Base width in CAD: 27.25"

Exact Drive Base length in CAD: 32.25"

Exact Frame Perimeter in CAD: 119"


Today I remembered that I have to update this. Day one we decided to use a swerve drive due to its high maneuverability and the lack of things on the field we might run over. We chose to use a 28x32 drive base to give enough length for Hang and enough width for the Cargo mechanisms. Yesterday the drive base was sent in for welding and the battery box design was finished. Today the plate to mount the 120A breaker was finished and the lengthwise crossbars were moved in slightly so that Hang would have more room. The back halves of the wings on the belly pan were removed today after hang said they wanted more room, and they were added back two hours later after Isaac informed me that Electrical needs those and the belly pan could just be moved away from the drive base using 3/4" standoffs. On Tuesday the plan is to make those standoffs, test fit the swerve module covers, and maybe start designing bumper mounts if there's time. Also need to continue working on the superstructure, which should take priority over designing bumper mountings if Alex isn't here.


Worked mostly on superstructure design today. The current plan is to have supports going diagonally from the top of the conveyor to the back of the drive base, intersected by supports that connect to the middle of the drive base. We need to make some angle brackets tomorrow and finalize the placement of frame supports.


The 1/8th inch brackets are shown in the bottom left, behind the swerve module. The supports in the back (visible on the right of the picture) are likely going to be made with 1"x1" square tubing.

Those angle brackets are coming along nicely. The superstructure design currently is to have two triangular angle brackets made with 1/8th inch aluminum to hold the storage at the front of the drive base, and to have two long support beams running from the back bar of the drive base to the top/back of storage. We'll likely use right-angle brackets at the top corners of the superstructure.


Finished the front triangular angle brackets today. Having the hypotenuse supports attach to the conveyor bars from the bottom of the bars places the supports in the way of the shooter hood gearing, so those will be attached outside the bars instead. The designs for the top angle bracket and the back angle bracket have to be started over, but I'm confident that they'll be done Saturday. The hypotenuse supports will also be made using 1"x1" square tubing.


Today I finished the bracket for the storage bars and the frame hypotenuse and the bracket for the frame hypotenuse and the back of the drive base. I also finished the frame hypotenuse. Originally, the plan was for the top ends of the frame hypotenuses to be flush with the forward faces of the storage bars, but I talked with Kadence and she said that Intake needs the space where the end would have been so they could mount a piston. They are now flush with the back faces of the storage bars instead, because it wasn't necessary for the hypotenuses to extend that far. I also fixed the drive base assembly so it was centered in the Final Robot Assembly and spent about an hour trying to figure out how to fix the hole placement for the bottom faces of the front brackets. In the end I decided it wasn't worth my time to worry about 7/10000 of an inch, despite Autodesk Inventor's best attempts to convince me that it mattered more than graduating High School, and elected to constrain the brackets using their faces instead of the actual mounting holes so we could fix the holes on the physical robot. Tomorrow, I'll be working on designing a new mount for the 120A Breaker, adding lightening holes to the battery box, and maybe bumper mountings. Then again, I said I'd work on bumper mountings a week ago and didn't, so we'll se what happens. Good thing those aren't urgent.


Added lightening holes to the battery box and redesigning the 120A breaker mount. The breaker is going to be placed on the side of the left hypotenuse.


2:15 pm

Inventor said "hey nice edits, it'd be a shame if they never happened" and undid the lightening holes on one of the battery box parts, so I had to do that again today. And some time ago, I used a tangent constraint on one of the wheels and the ground plane, then I grounded the drive base. Somehow, the constraints undid themselves a week or so ago and I had to reconstrain and reground the drive base. Now it's happened again, and they have to be redone again.