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Drive base status


We have a drive base!!



x4 Mk.4 swerve modules (Neo motors)

x4 25in. side bars

  • x2 bars for the outside of the frame
  • x2 as support/additional mounting bars in located in the middle of the drive base, the bars also serve as protection for the swerve modules preventing damage to our brand new motors
  • From outside bar to outside bar it is a 6.5in offset 
  • The offset on the inside is 12in. from inside bar to inside bar

x2 27in. horizontal bars, act as end caps'

x8 Andymark Corner Brackets (picture)



We still need to finish and mount the following:

  • Fabricate the bed pan- this will house all of the electrical panels and other items to small for the C-Channel

Build a moveable plate for the hang- this plate will be most likely be 


Finished CAD Models:

  • P059- Swerve Dust Covers
  • P058- Bed Pan Spacers 1.125in.

Main Drivebase CAD:

  • Attached dust covers
  • attached bed pan spacers
  • attached the new/updated 


  • Greased the 4 swerve modules
  • Gave base to electrical, they got the robot wired and started letting Robot Control Systems run calibrations and tests on the drivebase

Looked into/to do:

  • Looked into how to mount the bumpers
      • Ideas:
      • Using Quick release pins with cotter pins
      • using a pin that slides into the side of the C-Channel then drop pins in the top with spring steel holding the pins down


Drivebase drove for the first time 

weighted robot 

  • with electrical we weighed at 42.75 lbs
  • chassis only weighed 28.5 lbs
  • electrical weighed 14.25 ibs 


We took apart our 2022 robot intake for repairs, our 22 bot is our best robot for demo's, it is the most interactive robots for the kids. We are having to replace the lexan side plates due to them getting damaged and cracked over time. We took off 1 side at the moment and are starting to CNC the new plates in order to use the robot for our demo this Friday, we should finish by mid tomorrow.