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General programming stuff relevant to all subsystems should be documented here.



  • Drive: Kate with help from Austin
  • Bucket Austin
  • Scaler: Kate
  • Autonomous: Zack with K
  • Controls Zach with H and Ryan
  • Feedback: Zack with K
  • Camera: Zack with K
  • Dashboard: Zach with H and Ryan


Pseudo Code

  • Auto 0:Stop
  • Auto 1: Lower Intake, Move forward(100), Stop
  • Auto 2: Lower Intake, Move Forward (200), Stop
  • Auto 3: Lower Intake, MoveForward(200), MoveBackward(150), Stop
  • Auto 4: Lower Intake, MoveForward(200), Stop
  • Auto 5: Lower Intake, MoveForward(200), Turn(30), MoveForward(200), Turn(30), MoveForward(200), Intake Out, Stop
    • will spy box be an issue
  • Auto 6: Lower Intake, MoveForward(200), Move Intake Up, MoveForward, Stop
  • Auto 7: MoveForward(200), lower Intake, MovForward(200), Stop

Programming Sub-pages and Links

Programming Archives