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General programming stuff relevant to all subsystems should be documented here.

Subteam Assignments

Programming leads for the mechanism groups are in bold.

  • Drivetrain: Ishan
  • Game piece system: Kyle and David, Alex L.
  • Hang: Josh, Trevor, Alex F.
  • Control Panel: Ishan, Nikko, Owen
  • Controls: Daniel

SVN Info

Source code is in SVN at https://svn.penfieldrobotics.com/FRC2020/trunk/thunderbot2020/

Outstanding Tasks

Evaluate/test reliability of NEOs

Robot Code

Split up by subsystem - responsible veteran student or mentor in (), student(s) doing actual code, if different, in []. These are not in any particular order!

  • Getting started
    • Base class - decide on base class and put basic framework of new project in SVN (Jeff, Josh, and/or Kyle)


Scouting App

In no particular order!

  • Jeff
    • Nothing yet!
  • Alex
    • Nothing yet!

Requested Features

Drive Base

  • Easily switch between tank and arcade control style
  • Closed loop control for low speed precision positioning


PID to hold intake at right position


HiTec HS-785HB Servo rotates 8 revolutions, giving it a raw value of 0.0 makes it continue driving past the 'zero' position, but telling it to go to 0.01 for example stops. Raw value 1.0 doesn't have this problem.

Control Panel


  • One motor to drive a winch 
  • Ratchet with a servo-driven pawl that can switch between engaged and not engaged



see Dashboard section of Robot IO Map


Insert auto stuff here!

File:Starting Positions.pdf

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