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General programming stuff relevant to all subsystems should be documented here.

Subteam Assignments

Programming leads for the mechanism groups are in bold.

  • TBD System 1: TBD, TBD
  • TBD System 2: TBD, TBD
  • Controls: TBD, TBD

SVN Info

Source code is in SVN at https://svn.penfieldrobotics.com/FRC2022/trunk/thunderbot2022/

Outstanding Tasks

Robot Code

Split up by subsystem - responsible veteran student or mentor in (), student(s) doing actual code, if different, in []. These are not in any particular order!

  • TBD

Scouting App

In no particular order!

  • Jeff
    • Nothing yet!
  • TBD student(s)
    • Nothing yet!


see Dashboard section of Robot IO Map


Insert auto stuff here!

Programming Archives