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General programming stuff relevant to all subsystems should be documented here.

Subteam Assignments

Programming lead(s) for each group are in bold.

  • Drive Base: Peter
  • GamEpiece: Trevor, Ethan, Calla, Daniel
    • Shooter: Trevor, Peter
    • Intake/Storage: Calla
  • Hang: Ishan
  • Controls: Nadia, Sam
  • Blinky Blinky: Nadia, Peter

Outstanding Tasks - Robot Code

Split up by subsystem - responsible veteran student or mentor in (), student(s) doing actual code, if different, in []. These are not in any particular order!

  • Drive
    • Implement and test auto drive code (Peter)
  • GamEpiece
    • Implement basic operations of shooter (Trevor)
    • Implement basic operations of intake/storage (Calla)
    • Implement game piece to drive operations of both subsystems (Trevor)
    • Add diagnostic outputs for all sensors and anything else of importance
  • Hang
    • Finish implementation of hang (Ishan)
  • Controls
    • Support controls overall design as needed
    • Document how many and what controllers will be used on this page or IO Map page
    • Plan out and document how each axis/button on each controller will be used
    • Review with Jeff (Nadia, Sam)
  • Autonomous (Ishan, Peter, Trevor)
    • Document auto modes on this page (see Autonomous section) - be sure to include....
      • A name for the mode
      • Specific starting location(s) on field
      • Description of what will it, including descriptions of waypoints on field it will move through and where the robot will be on the field at the end
      • A priority for that mode -- which ones will we work on before others?
    • Share with Strategy to get their input
  • Main Robot
    • Reset all subsystems
    • DisabledPeriodic - no processing in disabled?
    • TeleopPeriodic - add process calls for remaining subsystems that need it
    • AutonomousPeriodic - add process calls for remaining subsystems that need it
  • Scouting App (Ishan)
    • Need to work with strategy to determine necessary data and UI


Most feedback is via the Dashboard connection -- the specific items are documented on Dashboard section of Robot IO Map


Ball Numberings

ball numbers

List of Routines

We will have 7 autonomous routines:

  1. Left start -> ball 1
  2. Center start -> ball 2
  3. Right start -> ball 3
  4. Center start -> ball 2 -> ball 4
  5. Right start -> ball 3 -> ball 2
  6. Right start -> ball 3 -> ball 2 -> ball 4
  7. Right start -> ball 3 -> ball 4

SVN Info

Our source code is stored in a subversion (SVN) server. The repository URL for this year is https://svn.penfieldrobotics.com/FRC2022/trunk/thunderbot2022/

A brief "how to" on using SVN is on the non-year-specific Programming subteam page.

Programming Archives