2022:Robot Design Details

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Overall design decisions, notes, specifications, and integration items here! Integration Task List (NEEDS LINK HERE)

Overall Robot Dimensional Restraints



Location Mechanism Action Quantity Belt Size Gear Size and Ratio Pulley Size and Ratio Notes
Drive Base Neo Drives Robot 4 NA 5.25:1 (12-21, 15-45) NA
Drive Base Neo 550 Turns Robot 4 NA 12:1 (3:1 and 4:1) NA
Intake Neo 550 Stage 1 Motor 1 45T at motor, 107T pivot to bar 1, 104T bar 1 to bar 2 1:4 18T 1:1 Cut motor shaft
Preshooter Neo 550 Stage 2 Motor 1 1:4 Requires extended motor shaft
Shooter Neo Left and Right Fly Wheels 2
Shooter goBilda 2000-0025-0002 Hood Articulation 1 4:3 for servo to mid-gear and then 9:181 for mid gear to hood.


Mechanism Action - Say what extend and retract do! Number of Cylinders Cylinder

Extend Powered?


Extend Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Retract Powered?


Retract Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Working Pressure Estimated Firings per Match Cycles
(Sum of all powered directions!)


Sensor Chart

Mechanism Sensor Type Function Attachment Point Notes


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